Typical applications in wood construction

Wood machining with an angle aggregate

Milling radii to the right angle

The optimized process sequence with the corner squaring aggregate is as follows:

After milling out the recess and the minimum clearance for processing by the aggregate, the machine spindle retrieves the corner notching aggregate from the tool changer and moves to the remaining radii of the recess. The routing tool works its way vertically into the corner of the recess and cuts the corner precisely to size.

The corner squaring unit is not only available as a stand-alone product, but also as a comprehensive system solution in conjunction with the indexable milling tool from tool manufacturer OERTLI. In addition, customer-specific adaptations are possible so that other panel dimensions can also be processed without any problems. This offers users in the woodworking industry the opportunity to use the pointing unit according to individual applications and specific project requirements.


Dovetail joints in CLT panel with underside aggregate

The MONO ULTRA LINE angle aggregate from ATEMAG takes over the milling of the dovetail recesses on the underside of the components. This eliminates the need to turn the components. It features right-angle tool alignment, and thus can perform underfloor machining in a 5-axis spindle when the spindle performs a 90-degree tilting motion. It also uses an ER40 collet instead of the standard ER32 collet to allow larger tools to be used.

In this particular application, the MONO ULTRA LINE aggregate was modified to perform 25 dovetail milling operations within 30 minutes. All information about the MONO ULTRA LINE.


Compressed air nailing aggregate

Driving staples - pneumatic nailer

The CNC aggregate is integrated into a CNC machine and automatically nails or staples into the prepared material with the help of a compressed air function. The compressed air nailing unit from ATEMAG is used in wood construction and automatically drives nails and staples into the wood to be processed using compressed air.

For more information about this unit, please call +49 7832 / 9997-0 or e-mail: info@atemag.de


Production of hole patterns for acoustic elements


Sawing at high end of motor spindle performance range


Glued lam. timber str. elements slotting for steel plate connectors



Underside machining for drilling and routing



Notching inside corners in cutouts