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...easy preparation with aggregates

Profile groove for Clamex P system

The P-System from Lamello is an innovative, award-winning joining method. With the Clamex, Tenso, and Divario connecting elements, the overall process of design, manufacturing, transport, and assembly is more flexible, faster, and simpler than ever before.
The installation or anchoring of the connector itself is based on the P-System profile groove. The profile groove can be milled using modern CNC technology. Aggregates can get around the space limitations of the machine and allow use of the Clamex connector. Different aggregate solutions are possible for different applications.

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Drilling system for Cabineo connectors

The Cabineo is a one-piece connector based on drilling or milling for connecting bodies through pure surface machining.
Thanks to this property, machining can be done on all CNC machines, including
simple 3-axis machines and nesting machines.
The VERTINEO FUNCTION LINE drilling aggregate was developed especially for creating the recesses for Cabineo connectors and drills three holes with a precise, repeatable hole pattern in a single work step.

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