Fixed aggregates are permanently mounted in CNC machines

What is a fixed aggregate?

A fixed aggregate, also known as a CNC auxiliary unit or CNC add-on unit, is a driven aggregate that is permanently connected to the CNC machine. This device remains permanently installed on the machine and offers specific advantages in terms of efficiency and flexibility. In contrast to an exchangeable aggregate, which can be inserted and removed via the CNC machine's tool changer, the fixed aggregate remains permanently installed on the machine as an add-on unit.

Advantages and possible applications of CNC auxiliary units

CNC auxiliary units are characterized by a high degree of versatility. They enable various machining processes such as sawing, milling and drilling. The CNC aggregate is equipped with its own motor drive and is firmly bolted to the machine. This design enables the integration of different types of units, making complex and precise machining processes possible.

One example of this attachment unit is the mounting of a saw blade. The additionally integrated chip deflector ensures that the sawdust is efficiently discharged into the machine's extraction, which guarantees a clean working environment.

Difference between fixed aggregate and exchangeable aggregate

The main difference between a fixed aggregate and an exchangeable aggregate lies in the installation method and the change cycle. A fixed aggregate is permanently attached to the CNC machine. The exchangeable aggregate, on the other hand, can be flexibly inserted and removed via the tool changer.

Advantages of fixed aggregates

  • Time efficiency:
    As the aggregate is permanently mounted in the machine system, there is no down time. This results in considerable time savings.
  • Precision: The fixed installation enables more precise control and faster use for different operations.

Applications of CNC attachment units

CNC attachment devices are used in large CNC machines or machine lines in which different operations are performed in succession. The attachment unit is mounted close to the spindle and is guided to the worktop via a feed unit with linear movement. This enables precise control and quick use for different operations without the need to change tools.