ATEMAG - Repair

Aggregate repair

(for ATEMAG aggregates and aggregates of other manufacturers)

Is your aggregate defective and in need of repair?
Send the aggregate in to us!
After we receive the package, we will promptly examine and analyze it (whether ATEMAG or other make).
You will receive your individual service quotation based on this analysis.


Repair of an angle aggregate
What does a typical aggregate repair at ATEMAG include?

During each aggregate repair, our technicians inspect the complete unit for possible damage and wear. When the aggregate is disassembled, all wearing parts will be greased or oiled and the inside of the aggregate will be cleaned. With this procedure, you will receive back a comprehensively tested and fully functional aggregate (6 months warranty). In addition, every repair step is documented, from failure analysis to final screw.

Costs of a repair at ATEMAG

If the repair takes place within our warranty period and also meets the warranty conditions, there are of course no costs for the repair of the aggregate.

If the aggregate will be send after the warranty period or doesn't meet the warranty conditions, the unit is thoroughly checked and an individual offer is prepared for you, on the basis of the failure analysis.

We also repair third-party units at no extra charge with the same quality standards as ATEMAG units.

Warranty of repaired aggregates

We offer a warranty of 6 months for all aggregate repairs. Excluded from this warranty are wear parts and damage due to improper handling.

Loan aggregate during the repair time

We will gladly send you a loan aggregate for the time we need to repair your aggregate. You can continue production without any downtime!

For this service we charge a rental fee, which is based on the estimate time that you work with the loan aggregate.

What if the repair is not economical?

After receipt of your aggregate, it will be inspected by one of our specialized technicians. If a repair is not economical based on the detailed examination you will receive a quotation for a new aggregate as well as a report of the damaged aggregate. If the repair is not economical or due to the damage not possible, the following three options are available:

  1. Return without repair
    We send back the aggregate without repair in a demounted state. For the processing, cleaning, disassembly, detailed analysis with photographs and a report we charge our own cost of € 150,00.
  2. Disposal of the aggregate
    We take care of the sustainable disposal of the aggregate. For the processing, cleaning, disassembly, detailed analysis with photographs and a report we charge our own cost of € 150,00.
  3. Order of a new aggregate
    In this case we do not charge any cost for the damaged aggregate. We only need to know, if you want the demounted parts sent back with the new aggregate or if we can dispose them.
Environmentally friendly disposal of aggregate parts at ATEMAG

If the repair of your aggregate is no longer economical and you do not need the dismantled parts back, we will take care of the environmentally friendly disposal for you.

How to avoid an unscheduled service?

Monitor your Aggregate with ATEMAG Control 4.0, which submits working hours, performance data and critical parameter overruns in real time to your computer and sends push messages before damage to the Aggregate occurs.

Does ATEMAG also repair aggregates from other manufacturers?

We are specialists in the aggregate market and also know the aggregates of our competitors. Therefore we offer our complete repair service also for aggregates of other manufacturers - of course without surcharge.

Are there additional costs for the repair of units from other manufacturers?

We offer our complete repair service for all aggregates, including the aggregates of other manufacturers - the costs do not differ


You will receive your repair quotation
within 48 hours after
receipt of your aggregate at ATEMAG

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8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.