Customized aggregates

Our standard units for machining various materials such as wood, plastics or composites cover a wide range of common applications.

However, we face up to individual challenges and find a solution together with the customer that is tailored to his requirements.
For customer-specific applications, we are happy to perform development work and manufacture corresponding special units.

Here you will find our latest specially developed aggregates.



Unit for driving wooden dowels into stationary machines

At the Ligna in May 2023, we will present another dowel insertion unit. It complements the possibilities of automatic dowel insertion in Holz-Her machines. While the dowel insertion aggregate, which has already proven itself on the market, is installed as a unit in Holz-Her's EVOLUTION 7405 PinJet CNC machining center, the "new" dowel unit is now designed for a new dowel & drilling machine from the machine manufacturer. This is on display at the Holz-Her booth with the ATEMAG unit included and is a complement to nesting machines, for example.

The dowel unit installed in the machine offers two special new features. On the one hand, different driving depths and dowel projections can be set. In addition, the machine can process different dowel sizes.

Ultrasonic unit for cutting soft materials

Ultrasonic unit
Aggregate for cutting soft materials.

The ultrasonic unit was developed in cooperation with the German company EM Systeme, which specializes in cutting soft materials with ultrasound. A wide variety of soft materials are cut efficiently and accurately with 20 kHz micro-vibrations. Unusual is the technology that ensures that the aggregate can work autonomously in the machining center without additional power supply.


Aggregate for driving wooden dowels

angle aggregate for driving wooden dowels

Dowel insertion aggregate
Aggregate for driving pre-glued wooden dowels into the edge.

  • fully automated insertion of wooden dowels directly in the processing machine
  • no separate machine needed
  • no manual working steps
  • swiveling → driving in 2 directions possible without using dowel glue

More information to this aggregate

Floating for radial and axial machining

Floating aggregate for radial and axial machining

Floating aggregate for defined edge processing on curved molded parts on 5-axis systems or robot systems.

  • Radial AND axial probing
  • Deburring of wood/plastic/aluminum/GFK/CFK/natural materials

CNC aggregate for automated printing of labels

CNC angle aggregate for automated printing of labels

Label printer aggregate

Automated application of adhesive labels to machined panels for simplified picking and labeling.

  • Commissioning on CNC machines, primarily on nesting machines
  • Identification of individual carcass elements
  • Change aggregate
  • without power supply
  • Data exchange via Wi-Fi
  • user-friendly

Floating aggregate for inserting the Clamex groove in the edge

Floating aggregate for inserting the Clamex groove in the edge


Clamex groove in the edge for workpieces with thickness variations.
The SOFT TOUCH PRO FUNCTION LINE is suitable for this type of machining and is equipped with a special touch feeler especially for this application.

  • floated insertion of Clamex grooves
  • groove width is generated by rotation of the aggregate
  • only suitable for machines with C-axis (aggregate must be rotated 360° for machining)

All information about the profile groove for Clamex P connectors on multi-axis machines.

Angular unit for processing quartz glass

Quartz glass processing with angle aggregate

Quartz glass processing with angle aggregate

Grinding processing of slots in quartz glass for the production of carriers of wafers for the semiconductor industry.

Report on the development phase of the aggregate