We machine everything

We are the aggregates specialists...

... and develop, produce and distribute high-performance aggregates for machining wood, composites, aluminum, composites and plastics on CNC machining centers and robots.

Founded in 2004, ATEMAG is a well-known company, which convinces with technically mature precision aggregates for CNC machining centers or robot systems through excellent service and outstanding solutions.




Digital fingerprint for high quality standard.
Before leaving our manufactury, every unit - regardless of whether it is a new unit or a serviced unit - is tested in a test run. Vibration data, temperature development and maximum temperature in various speed ranges are checked and digitalized via the AC 4.0 Control Chip.
This enables us to guarantee a high quality standard and at the same time assign a digital fingerprint to the respective serial number.


ATEMAG aggregates are not manufactured on the assembly line, but in meticulous manual work by a single assembler. The aggregate is assembled and adjusted individually, taking into account the manufacturing tolerances, and each work step is recorded. In this way, a unique piece is created with every order. Only when all internal quality characteristics have been met does the gear unit leave our craft production facility

Through continuous further development, even standard units that have been in the program for years are always technically updated. This includes a high process reliability, e.g. with oil bath lubrication techniques.

where needs find solutions
With our craft production facility, we at ATEMAG can offer customers individual solutions with the highest quality - #madeingermany.

Our development and design team works with the customer and the customer’s partners from the initial idea to the finished product to develop specific and one-of-a-kind products –
even with a parts volume of one. Custom-made aggregates are part of our core business, so we can often come up with concrete implementation ideas right in the initial meeting. ATEMAG is represented in numerous different industry sectors and provides innovative solutions for realizing challenging processes.

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Our most important goal

is to offer each customer exactly the aggregate that is optimal for the specific application.

That is why ATEMAG sees itself not only as an aggregate supplier, but also as an aggregate partner.

ATEMAG stands for:

  • innovative engineering taking into account the latest aggregate technologies
  • attractive price/performance ratio
  • uncompromising quality
  • intensive consulting and service
  • partnership
  • authenticity

The ATEMAG brand

Behind the ATEMAG brand is know-how acquired in the development and design of machining units over many years as well as experienced and competent consulting with the product, application and market knowledge.

Our Aggregate

ATEMAG units are used in CNC machines and robot systems. By using the aggregates, a wide variety of materials can be machined at different angles and with multiple axes. Depending on the machining requirements and applications, standard aggregates or specially manufactured aggregates are used. Our aggregate specialists advise each customer individually so that the application can be carried out optimally.
To the product overview


Fast set-up times, short downtimes, long machine uptimes due to modular aggregate systems.

Due to modular machine connections and torque arms, ATEMAG angular aggregates can be used on all common machines. In addition, the modular tool holders allow various tools to be accommodated, maximizing the machining options in the machining center.

The aggregates specialists

We have specialists in every area who will be happy to provide you with advice and assistance.

Contact us and challenge us!
We are looking forward to a good cooperation.


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