Competence in Engineering, Production, and Service

ATEMAG is a leading enterprise for the engineering, production, and marketing of aggregates and accessories for CNC machines. In order to meet the market’s requirements at any time, ATEMAG acts according to the following principles:

The marketing follows exclusively market requirements and customer needs.

Meeting the cusomer requirements by supplying reliable products and services as well as competent consulting and faultless order processing are the center of ATEMAG’s company policies.

It is the target of ATEMAG to be one of the most customer-friendly enterprises in the industry. For ATEMAG, sales and after-sales service have the same value. At the same time, it is the target of ATEMAG to deal with suppliers in a fair way as partners creating common values.

ATEMAG always works in a first-class and innovative way. First-class products only leave our enterprise.

Board of directors and the whole staff of ATEMAG wish to gain and maintain confidence and acknowledement at their partners with their daily attitudes and performance.

Quality agreements made with customers and suppliers are binding for all functional areas at ATEMAG.