Modular Adapter Systems in the aggregate

schneller Werkzeugwechsel am Aggregat



For economical production, setup times and downtimes have to be minimized.
With integration of the ATEMAG ET or ATEMAG ATjust interface, various adapters with various dimensions and sizes can be deployed quickly and flexibly.

ATEMAG ET Interface

With the ATEMAG ET interface, the required tools are simply clamped in a device in the adapter and are available prepared in the adapter for use in the unit. The adapter is then replaced manually on the unit with the aid of four screws and an Allen key and is ready for use within a short time.

ATEMAG ATjust Interface

The ATjust adapter is manually clamped with a screw. The ET interface is secured to the aggregate with four set screws. In both cases, the aggregate is immediately ready for operation.

2 Modular Adapter Systems for ...

... Faster Setup

Tool adapters are quickly exchanged.

... Variable Machining

Various tool adapters can be inserted into an aggregate.

... Higher Productivity

Tools can be clamped into the adapters in advance so that they are ready for use at all times.

The right tool holder for the right aggregate

In the following overview you will find a list of the most common tool holders and in which aggregates they are used.