Multispindle drilling head for economical drilling of numerous holes or complex hole patterns in just one machining stroke

Technical Data




Machining options

Max. input speed: 10.000 rpm
Max. output speed: 10.000 rpm
Gear ratio: 1 : 1
Max. torque: 1 - 5 Nm
Permissible operating temperature: max. 85°C
Positioning of torque arm with
respect to tool:
Machining angle:
Number of tool outputs: 2 - 49 / fixed
Lubrication: Grease / Sima Lube


Mehrspindel-Bohrkopf zur wirtschaftlichen Einbringung vieler Bohrungen oder komplexen Bohrmuster in nur einem Bearbeitungshub

Multi-spindle aggregate for drilling complex hole patterns in one stroke

VERTI FUNCTION LINE - The multi-spindle aggregate for maximum efficiency when drilling complex hole patterns

The VERTI FUNCTION LINE CNC multi-spindle aggregate is a drilling head with several spindles that has been specially developed for vertical drilling. It enables the precise production of complex drilling patterns on CNC machines and in robot systems in various industries such as furniture production, window and door manufacturing and the production of acoustic elements.

The multi-spindle aggregate is customized and designed according to the user's requirements and production conditions. The result is a drilling head that produces the desired drilling pattern exactly with the correspondingly arranged drilling spindles. This enables the economical production of numerous bores or complex patterns in just one machining process.

The design of the multi-spindle drilling head is always adapted to the application requirements, so that even complex and individual profile shifts of the drilling pattern are possible.

The user determines the number of spindles, the grid dimension and the arrangement of the spindles and specifies the exact geometry of the drilling pattern. Industrial hole drilling is implemented precisely and with repeat accuracy, maximizing productivity and the quality of the machining result.

The VERTI FUNCTION LINE is designed for vertical machining. If horizontal alignment of the drilling spindles is required, this can be achieved with the HORI FUNCTION LINE.

The VERTI FUNCTION LINE is used in the woodworking industry, particularly in furniture, door and window production, for example for drilling holes for handles and fittings.

In addition, the multi-spindle aggregate with multi-hole drilling ensures economical production in the production of acoustic elements thanks to the massive reduction in drilling strokes.

Manufacturers who process plastic, aluminum and lightweight materials can also use the aggregate to save costs.

Typical applications:

  • Furniture, windows, and doors: Holes for twist handles or hardware in just one step
  • Acoustic elements: Economical production due to fewer drilling strokes


Tool connection:

  • Weldon Ø10 mm
  • Other connections on request

Machine connection:

ATEMAG aggregates are used on all CNC machines and robot systems. The machine connection is precisely matched to the technical requirements of the CNC machine or robot.

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