Service - Repair - Spare parts

Optimize your productivity with our after-sales service

A good aggregate alone is not everything - it needs excellent service that gives you the certainty at all times:
My productivity is guaranteed!

At the ATEMAG Service Hotline, you talk exclusively to professionals - to experts in the field who can claim years of ATEMAG experience.

Our aggregate specialists know where there can be difficulties - but above all, how it can go on carefree for the customer.

+49 (0) 7832 9997-28
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


ATEMAG provides service for our own aggregates as well as third-party aggregates


Informationen zur Aggregate Wartung

Preventive Maintenance

with regular maintenance intervals
you will achieve maximum planning reliability.


Informationen zur Aggregat Reparatur

Aggregate Repair

you will get your service quotation in a short period of time after receipt of your aggregate at ATEMAG.

Spare parts

Informationen zum ATEMAG Ersatzteile-Service

Uncomplicated & Fast

thanks to our large warehouse, we are able to ship
required spare parts promptly.


Wir lösen Probleme, auch wenn es schnell gehen muss!


Sometimes it needs to go fast.
We will find the best solution!

Pick-up Service

Keine Zeit, zur Post zu gehen? Wir holen Ihr Aggregat ab!

We pick up your package on site

simple and uncomplicated
you pack - we pick up!


Rüsten Sie Ihr Aggregat für den Einsatz auf einer anderen Maschine um.

Modification to fit your needs

thanks to our modulare system you can adapt the aggregate instead of buying a new aggregate



Performance increase & process optimization with ATEMAG Control 4.0

Process control

Der Control 4.0 Chip beugt Schadensfällen vor.

Damage limitation
with ATEMAG Control 4.0

with this chip you can detect and avoid malfunctions

Explanatory video - ATEMAG Control 4.0

Control 4.0 Retrofitting

Der Control 4.0 Chip beugt Schadensfällen vor.

Retrofit your aggregate
with ATEMAG Control 4.0...

... and optimize your production processes


Our service promise

  • Flexibility:
    We are a small company and still exchanges information across the workbench. This has the advantage that we can help each other out, act flexibly and react at short notice.

  • Rapidity:
    Each of our employees has his or her own area of expertise, in which they are highly trained and educated. However, we can also represent each other. That's why we act faster than competitors and promise a diagnosis of the aggregates that needs repair, including an individual service offer, within 48 hours.

  • Quality:
    You can trust us with this one. Your aggregate will be like a trechnically new aggregate after passing our service.  

  • Compentence: Trained employees are a must for our philosophy. That's why we only hire skilled workers, whom we train and educate on a regular basis.

  • Kindness: We can't help it - we are from the black forest ;-)


If possible please send your packages with TNT, DHL or UPS.
Our service staff will be happy to help you, if you need assistance in preparing the correct export documents.

To ensure fast processing after the aggregate arrives at ATEMAG, please fill out our return delivery note and send it with the aggregate.

Download return delivery note


The Aggregate serial number

In order for us to know exactly how your unit is constructed, we need the serial number. You will find it chiselled into the body of the unit.
Please state the number with your enquiry.