Product lines of the exchange aggregates

Changing aggregates increase the productivity of CNC machines

ATEMAG is your expert for first-class exchangeable aggregates in CNC technology and offers crucial components for precise and productive CNC machining. Our exchangeable aggregates are integrated into the spindle of the CNC machine and play an important role in various CNC machining processes. There are three product lines within our aggregate portfolio, which vary depending on the application in the CNC machine. Depending on the specific requirements of CNC machining, we recommend one of these three product lines, which differ in terms of design, speed, gear stage and lubrication.



Compact and versatile exchange aggregates

The SMART LINE from ATEMAG stands for unconditional quality, combined with compact sizes for continuous use in machines with limited space. Ideal for milling, drilling, grinding and light sawing work. With a fast gear stage and grease as a lubrication method, the SMART LINE offers an efficient solution for a wide range of applications.


Exchange units with high speeds and high rigidity

The FUNCTION LINE is characterized by high speeds and excellent rigidity of the tool spindle in continuous operation - designed for milling, drilling, grinding, cutting, engraving, sawing and more. The fast gear stage and grease lubrication ensure optimum performance.


Massive and powerful exchange aggregates

The ULTRA LINE stands for a solid design and is particularly suitable for heavy-duty machining. With an even higher rigidity compared to the FUNCTION LINE, it is perfect for the use of large tools such as saw blades, roughing cutters, profile cutters, structural brushes and more. Utilizing the ideal torque through gear reduction makes the ULTRA LINE the optimal choice. The lubrication type is oil, and the gear stage enables precise gear reduction.

Discover the perfect solution for your CNC machining with our product finder. By simply setting the filters that take your specific application into account, you will receive a preselection of the recommended exchange aggregates.

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