Underfloor machining with a CNC underfloor aggregate

Discover the possibilities of panel processing from below with a CNC machine realized by an underfloor aggregate.

How do I process a panel on the CNC machine from below?

Panel processing from below is possible with an underfloor aggregate on a CNC machine.

What is an underfloor aggregate?

Underside aggregate for routing and drilling on cantilever machines without board reclamping

The underfloor aggregate enables machining from below. It is clamped in the spindle of the CNC machine and diverts the tool output, causing the tool to plunge into the material from below. This design makes it possible to machine the underside of the workpiece.

What are the advantages of an underfloor aggregate?

An underfloor aggregate offers the significant advantage that processing operations that are normally carried out from above can now be carried out in a second operation on the underside of the material panel. This saves a considerable amount of time as both sides of the panel can be processed. Processing from above or on the edge is carried out either by a tool in the machine spindle or by an angular aggregate clamped in the spindle. In the past, the panel had to be turned manually in order to process the second side with the appropriate tools.

Since turning the panel is no longer necessary, accuracy is increased. In the previous turning process, the panels were often not positioned 100% correctly, which led to inaccuracies in the subsequent processing. The increased precision in panel processing is therefore guaranteed.

In addition, faster cycle times can be achieved by eliminating the time required to turn the workpiece plate, which also reduces the need for manpower.

SOTTO FUNCTION LINE Underfloor processing

Drilling and milling on the underside with the CNC machine

Carrying out drilling and milling work with various CNC tools is one of the most common applications that can be realized using the underfloor aggregate.

In addition to drilling and milling tools, other tools such as blades or tools for marking drilling patterns can also be clamped in the aggregate's tool holder.

Which tool is used for underside processing depends on the type of material, the panel thickness and the desired application.

Touch machining on the underside with the CNC machine

The underfloor aggregate can be equipped with a tracing device for tracing operations such as milling radii, chamfers and profiles on workpieces with thickness variations. With this working method, constant and consistent processing depths can also be achieved on the underside of the workpiece.

Advantages of underfloor machining on CNC machines

An underfloor aggregate is an efficient solution for panel processing that saves both time and resources while improving the quality of the results.

Turning the workpiece panel on the CNC machine is not necessary and leads to...

  • Time savings through double-sided panel processing
  • improved accuracy
  • faster cycle times and less manpower required

Processing options of an underfloor aggregate

Many different applications can be carried out thanks to the possibility of holding a wide variety of tools in the tool holder.

Typical applications with an underfloor aggregate are:

  • Traced radius machining from below
  • Bevel machining from below
  • Profile machining from below
  • Dowel drilling from below
  • Milling of hook-in connectors from below
  • Milling door rosettes from below
  • Flush routing of rosettes from below
  • Drilling of handle foils from below
  • Milling for fingerprint from below
  • Routing of worktop connectors from below
  • Milling out handle foils from below
  • Milling out cup hinges and cup hinge hinges from below
  • Signs of drilling patterns from below

On which CNC machines is the underfloor aggregate used?

There are different types of underfloor aggregates. Depending on the application, different lubrication techniques are used in these aggregates, which are geared towards the respective type of machining. In addition, the designs are adapted to the requirements. Underfloor aggregates can also be used in robots.

Underfloor processing in timber construction

An underfloor aggregate can be used in joinery systems and portal systems. Drilling and routing can be carried out in solid pieces of wood, as well as special applications such as dovetail joint routing.

Underfloor machining on 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis machines

CNC aggregate for notching corners and for underfloor machining on 5-axis machines

Depending on the wood processing that is to be carried out on the underside of the workpiece and the type of machine on which the underfloor processing takes place, we recommend different unit solutions. Typical underfloor aggregates are the SOTTO FUNCTION LINE and the EXTRA 2 FUNCTION LINE. The design of the units can be adapted to customer requirements in order to achieve the highest cost-benefit effect during processing.