Eccentric sander for sanding or polishing work on CNC machines or robots on surfaces and edges – also suitable for free-form surfaces.

Technical Data


Machining options The SOFT GRINDER SMART LINE can be clamped
in all angular aggregates units with
ER 32 or ER 25 collet chuck interfaces.

Max. input speed: 12.000 rpm
Max. output speed: 12.000 rpm
Gear ratio: 1 : 1
Permissible operating temperature: max. 85°C
Machining angle:
Number of tool outputs: 1 / fixed
Max. floating capacity: 4 mm
Probing force: 1,2 - 2,4 kg
Eccentric stroke: 5


Exzenterschleifer für Schleif- oder Polierarbeiten auf CNC-Anlagen oder Roboter in Flächen und Kanten - auch für Freiformen geeignet

Product Information

Eccentric grinding unit for automated and full-surface grinding and polishing work

The eccentric grinding unit SOFTGRINDER Smart Line enables automated full-surface grinding and polishing operations on the CNC machine, both of vertical surfaces and of horizontal edges. It does not matter whether the surface is convex or flat. Due to the possibility of exchanging different grinding discs with different diameters and grit sizes, there are virtually no limits to the processing of a wide variety of surfaces, and final grinding, intermediate grinding or rough grinding can be carried out in the processing center with the SOFTGRINDER Smart Line. It should be particularly emphasized that the SOFTGRINDER is used both in 4-axis machines for horizontal and vertical operations and in 5-axis machines, for example for chamfering free-form shapes.
In order to achieve a perfect final result on the material to be ground, the grinding pressure of the grinding tool is decisive. With the SOFTGRINDER Smart Line, this is set via 3 different spring strengths, which in turn determines the 4 mm tracing path via spring force. In this way, MDF and Swiss edges can be sanded, Corian elements can be polished, oiled woods or lacquers can be processed with an intermediate sanding and surface and edge sanding of veneered, solid surface boards and solid wood can be ideally executed. The grinder is easily adapted to an existing tool holder via a 16-mm shank.

Machining capabilities:

  • Sanding of edges and surfaces – rough, intermediate, and finish sanding ...
  • Grinding at an angle (miters), e.g., Swiss edge
  • Polishing of various materials, e.g., Corian
  • ...

Materials: Veneered boards, solid wood, MDF, mineral materials, etc.

The sanding discs are available with diameters of

  • ø76 mm
  • ø125 mm
  • ø150 mm

available and can be exchanged.

Machine connection:

The eccentric sanding unit is simply clamped into an existing tool holder or a CNC aggregate.

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