Unit with internal coolant feed-through designed for aluminum and metal processing

Technical Data




Machining options    

Max. input speed: 8.000 rpm
Max. output speed: 8.000 rpm
Gear ratio: 1 : 1
Max. torque: 20 Nm
Permissible operating temperature: max. 85°C
Positioning of torque arm with respect to tool: 360°
Machining angle: 90°
Number of tool outputs: 1 / fix
Lubrication: Grease / Lifetime lubrication


Aggregat mit interner Kühlmitteldurchführung ausgelegt für  die Aluminium- und Metallbearbeitung

Machining options: Milling and drilling

Typical applications:
Milling or drilling operations using cooling lubricant in hard-to-reach positions.

Tool connections

  • ER 25 inside
  • Other connections on request

Machine connection:

ATEMAG aggregates are used on all CNC machines and robot systems. The machine connection is precisely matched to the technical requirements of the CNC machine or robot.

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