Aggregate for Sawing - Prushing - Moulding - Sanding

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Working direction horizontal
Number of tool exits 1
Gear ration 1:0,67
Tool diameter Ø 160mm
Max. output rotation 7690 min-1
Trunk width: 120 mm or 160 mm / Special width on request


The planing shaft aggregate from ATEMAG offers a wide range of processing possibilities thanks to the modularity of the changeable tool option.

Different tools for planing, sawing, brushing or grinding can be used on the standard widths of the planing shaft of 120 mm or 160 mm. Due to this complex vertical range of manufacture on the CNC machine, you benefit from enormous cost and time savings and can also expand your machining options.

This aggregate technologie offers the option to change between co-rotation and counter-rotation machining and enables processing without chatter marks. You can machine different materials, no matter if solid wood, plate material, plastics, mineral materials or aluminum while using the easy tool change of the aggregate for your advantage.

The planing shaft aggregate is suitable for the use of a planing cutter or a saw set, when using the optimum torque of the motor spindle and optimum tool speed.


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Benefit from the MEGA CUTTER ULTRA LINE:
  1. Many machining possibilities due to modularity
  2. Cost and time savings due to complex vertical range of manufacturing on your CNC machine
  3. Gleich- und Gegenlaufbearbeitung ohne Rattermarken
  4. easy tool change
  5. machining of solid wood, sheet material, plastics, mineral materials, aluminum, etc.
  6. schwere Zerspanung im Dauerbetrieb
  7. Oil bath lubricated bevel gears
  8. compact and light design
  9. Extremely compact and light weight
  10. For moulder tool and saw blade package.
  11. Almost play-free drive for operation conform to fee direction

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