Lockset recess aggregate with high-speed mechanism for getting the work done in record time.

Technical Data


Machining options

Max. input speed: 10,000 rpm
Max. output speed: 15.000 rpm
Gear ratio: 1 : 1,48
Max. torque: 20 Nm
Permissible operating temperature: max. 85°C
Positioning of torque arm with respect to tool: 4 x 90°
Machining angle: 90°
Number of tool outputs: 2 / fixed
Lubrication: Grease / Rota Lube – Lifetime lubrication
Pocket width: 76 mm for cutter ø16 mm
with extension length 125 mm


Schlosskastenaggregat mit Hochgeschwindigkeitsmechanismus

Product Information

ATEMAG offers two solutions especially for forend and lock case machining with the EXTRA FUNCTION LINE and EXTRA PLUS FUNCTION LINE lock case units.
Both angular gear units have two tool outputs so that different tools can be accommodated for the different requirements of forend and lock case machining. The set-back design of the aggregate keeps the interference circle diameter to a minimum, especially when using long tools that dig deep into the tool.

The difference between the two aggregates lies in the machining technology, the machining methodology and the resulting machining time and economy.

Whereas the EXTRA FUNCTION LINE performs the milling operations classically by means of lateral feed movements with simultaneous penetration of the tool, the EXTRA PLUS FUNCTION LINE uses high-speed mechanics. The way in which the EXTRA PLUS FUNCTION LINE produces the lock case varies in comparison to conventional units: The oscillating drive ensures pocket milling by driving the tool into the workpiece via an oscillating motion, resulting in high time-saving lock case machining.

The EXTRA PLUS FUNCTION LINE machines the face milling in the edge in one operation with the milling tool. The unit then rotates 180° for milling the lock case recess. This further process takes place completely without turning the workpiece and without changing tools.

Compared to the EXTRA PLUS, the Extra FUNCTION LINE requires longer for the machining of the lock case, but in return offers a 3rd work step - the strike plate drilling.

The production quantity ultimately determines the cost-effectiveness of the unit type.

Whereas the EXTRA FUNCTION LINE requires an average of 80-90 seconds for a "typical" lock case application without striking plate drilling, the EXTRA PLUS FUNCTION LINE processes this lock case machining in 15-20 seconds - a time improvement of 65-70 seconds per workpiece. Door manufacturers who use the lock case unit from ATEMAG speak of a time saving of 80% per lock case in industrial production on the CNC machine.

The high-speed mechanism in the oscillating production process guarantees a time savings of at least 50% compared with conventional lockset recess milling.

Typical applications:
Industrial door production on CNC machines for lockset recess and forend machining


Tool connection

  • ER 16
  • ER 32


Machine connection:

ATEMAG aggregates are used on all CNC machines and robot systems. The machine connection is precisely matched to the technical requirements of the CNC machine or robot.

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