Automatic dowel driving...

... on the CNC machine

angle aggregate for driving wooden dowels


The ATEMAG dowel insertion unit was developed on behalf of HOLZHER.

The goal was to integrate a mechanical assembly into the mimic of the CNC machine, which automatically realizes the automatic dowel insertion into both faces of a wooden panel.

Pre-glued wooden dowels are used for this operation, so that dowel glue is completely dispensed with here and a gluing system is unnecessary. The dowels are fed into the assembly unit of the CNC machine via a separate feed system.

The PINJET dowel insertion unit is used after the dowel holes have been drilled into the face of the workpiece. These holes are drilled in an upstream operation in the CNC machining center, which has the advantage that the panel does not have to be clamped separately. In the first operation of dowel insertion, the exact amount of water required is sprayed into the dowel hole via a nozzle. The unit then presses the pre-glued dowel, which has been fed into the system via the feed system, into the dowel hole via a pneumatic cylinder. The glue on the dowel and the water react, the gluing effect of the dowel is activated and the dowel is glued in the workpiece after a short time.


Both faces of a wooden panel can be fitted with dowels in one operation, as the unit can be swivelled.

The advantages of the integrated dowel insertion unit are obvious.

The complete "doweling process" can be carried out on the machine, making the use of a doweling machine and a manual operation for dowel insertion unnecessary. The workpiece plate is completely removed from the machine, including inserted dowels, and can be immediately processed further.

The fully automated dowel insertion reduces the processing time. HOLZHER states a processing time of 3 seconds per dowel on the EVOLUTION PinJet machine. Furthermore, dowel glue and glue system become unnecessary, and time-consuming cleaning and storage of the glue system are eliminated.



Dowel inserting machine

Aggregate for driving pre-glued wooden dowels into the edge.

  • fully automated insertion of wooden dowels directly in the processing machine
  • no separate machine needed
  • no manual working steps
  • swiveling → driving in 2 directions possible without using dowel glue

Dübeleinheit PINJET in der EVOLUTION von HOLZHER

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