Aggregate for mortising of slots for fiche hinges

Technical Data


Slotting of glued laminated timber structural elements in wood construction
Sawing of cutouts, e.g., windows, doors
The chainsaw unit is sized according to the individual machining task.
Horizontal and vertical machining directions are possible.


Machining options      
Max. input speed: 4.000 rpm
Max. output speed: 4.000 rpm
Gear ratio: 1 : 1
Blade sizes: variabel
Permissible operating temperature: max. 85°C
Positioning of torque arm with respect to tool: horizontal: 6x60° / vertical: 360°
Machining angle: horizontal und vertical
Number of tool outputs: 1
ubrication: Grease / Lifetime lubrication


Bandschleifaggregat für effizientes Schleifen von konkaven, konvexen und ebenen Kanten.


The fiche hinge aggregate is typically used in restoration projects for window installation. Depending on the application, it is oriented vertically or horizontally.
In furniture making, especially in the production of overlay doors, the slots for the
frame/body and door leaves of mortise hinges can also be made in an industrial

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