All-in-one drilling aggregate for Cabineo connectors. Drilling of three holes in just one work step with a precise and repeatable hole pattern

Technical Data




Machining options

Max. input speed: 6.500 rpm
Max. output speed: 6.500 rpm
Gear ratio: 1 : 1
Max. torque: 3 Nm
Permissible operating temperature: max. 85°C
Positioning of torque arm with respect to tool: 360°
Machining angle:
Number of tool outputs: 3 / fixed
Lubrication: Grease / Lifetime lubrication


Bohraggregat für Cabineo-Verbinder All-In-One.

Product Information

Machining capabilities: Drilling of Cabineo holes

Typical applications:

  • Furniture production


Tool connection:

  • Weldon Ø6 mm


Machine connection:

ATEMAG aggregates are used on all CNC machines and robot systems. The machine connection is precisely matched to the technical requirements of the CNC machine or robot.

System solution for cabin drilling

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  1. allows 3 cabineo bores in only one machining step
  2. has a compact and stable design.
  3. enables precise and repeatable drilling pattern.


The Cabineo tools from JSO Werkzeuge

  1. are suitable for all common board materials.
  2. have an almost flat drilling base.
  3. stand for accurate drilling due to the pre-cutter design.



Product images and videos

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