Aggregate for cutting soft materials such as honeycomb core, acoustic elements, and textiles through the use of oscillating movements

Technical Data




Machining options
Max. input speed: 6.000 rpm
Max. output speed: 9.000 rpm
Gear ratio: 1 : 1,48
Max. torque: 8 Nm
Permissible operating temperature: max. 85°C
Positioning of torque arm with respect to tool: 360°
Machining angle:
Number of tool outputs: 1 / fixed
Lubrication: Grease / Lifetime lubrication
Amplitude: 2mm
Frequency: 150 Hz



Product Information

Cutting aggregates for CNC machines - SOFT CUTTER PRO FUNCTION LINE:

The SOFT CUTTER PRO FUNCTION LINE is a cutting aggregate that expands the processing options of CNC machines to include precise knife and blade cutting of soft materials. As an efficient exchangeable aggregate, it enables precise cuts in flexible material sheets up to 150 mm thick.

Extended CNC machining options with the SOFT CUTTER PRO FUNCTION LINE:

The SOFT CUTTER PRO FUNCTION LINE integrates seamlessly into CNC machines. Precise cuts can be made in a wide range of soft materials without external service providers or additional cutting machines.


Technological key points of the cutting aggregate SOFT CUTTER PRO FUNCTION LINE:

The rotary motion on the drive is converted into precise oscillating up and down movements of the tool with an amplitude of 2 mm. The drive with a drive speed of 6000 rpm results in a cutting frequency of 150 Hz, so that the cuts are carried out with high efficiency and accuracy. The integrated hold-down device fixes the material to be cut in an exact processing position.

With an overall height of approx. 200 mm, the compact cutting aggregate integrates seamlessly into existing CNC machines and can be stored in the tool changer. With the ability to accommodate blade lengths of up to 150 mm (in a Weldon holder for blades with a shaft diameter of 6 mm), it offers a high degree of flexibility for cutting operations involving different material thicknesses.

Versatile applications in various industries:

The SOFT CUTTER PRO FUNCTION LINE exchangeable aggregate is suitable for numerous applications. Cuts of various materials make the cutting aggregate an indispensable tool for innovative projects:

  • Cutting of cardboard and foam materials in the packaging industry.
  • Cutting of felts in the furniture industry.
  • Precise cutting of fabrics, felt and leather in the textile industry.
  • Cutting honeycomb core materials in the lightweight construction industry such as doors, exhibition stand construction and caravan construction.
  • Cutting of sound-absorbing materials such as polyester and foam for acoustic elements.
  • Precise cutting of honeycomb core in industries such as aviation, boat building and aerospace.


Tool connection:

  • Weldon Ø6 mm

Machine connection:

ATEMAG aggregates are used on all CNC machines and robot systems. The machine connection is precisely matched to the technical requirements of the CNC machine or robot.

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