Vertical Clamex groove routing in surfaces with gentle machining using a standard ATEMAG aggregate – all-in-one system solution

Technical Data


Machining options Drilling Milling

Max. input speed: max. 10.000 rpm
with Rota Lube: max. 12.100 rpm
Max. output speed: max. 15.000 rpm
with Rota Lube: max. 18.000 rpm
Gear ratio: 1 : 1,48
Max. torque: 20 Nm
Permissible operating temperature: max. 85°C
Positioning of torque arm with respect to tool: 360°
Machining angle: 90°
Number of tool outputs: 2 /fix
Lubrication: Grease / Rota Lube – Lifetime lubrication
Suitable for:


Vertikale Clamexfräsung in der Fläche mit Standardaggregat

Product Information

The MONO, DUO, and QUATTRO standard aggregates allow the Clamex connector to be positioned at any point on the board thanks to the vertical position of the Clamex groove side milling cutter and the spindle design of the aggregate. For diagonal positioning of the groove, the MONO FIX FUNCTION LINE (fixed angle) or the VARIO (variable angle) can be used. The grooving cutter tool of the respective aggregate is plunged into the surface during machining and moved sideways at a precise depth.

Floating Aggregate for Clamex Connectors

Grooves for Clamex connectors can also be routed into edges and surfaces of workpieces that have thickness fluctuations. The SOFT TOUCH PRO FUNCTION LINE, which is equipped with a special probe, is suitable for this type of machining.

Floating aggregate for constant and defined machining depth with Clamex tool

Clamex P Connector with Floting Aggregate

Mill the Clamex groove - presize and automated - with a standard unit from ATEMAG

The milling of large quantities of Clamex connector pockets is time-saving and cost-reducing for industrial production with a CNC unit from ATEMAG - with the integration of the CNC unit in your machining center, the milling of connector pockets for Clamex is simplified many times over.

In the process, the groove milling tool of the aggregate is machined into the machining surface and laterally shifted at the exact depth. The groove for the Lamello Clamex P connectors can be machined with various aggregates from ATEMAG, whether vertically in the surface, at the edge of the workpiece or at a specific angle. Depending on the available space in the machining center, the axis of the machine and the angle of the milling, we will be happy to offer you the appropriate aggregate that you can use optimally for milling the Lamello P-System groove.

System solution for Lamello Clamex Groove.

Benefit from the use of the DUO FUNCTION LINE for milling the Clamex groove.

  • Automated Clamex connector groove milling on all common CNC machining centers and robot systems.
  • Increased flexibility and efficiency of the CNC machining center (also 5-axis technology)
  • Vertical milling in the surface for Lamello P systems



Clamex P profile groove in the surface using the angle aggregate DUO SMART LINE.

This video shows how the profile groove for Clamex P connectors is performed in the surface using the DUO SMART LINE angle unit in a 3-axis machine. The angle unit can mill the profile groove in the surface in two directions by rotating the angle head in the cam box of CNC machine by 90°.

Clamex profile groove milling provides an efficient method for making joints in wood-based materials. It allows easy assembly and disassembly of the elements. This milling creates a special profile groove that is perfectly matched to the Clamex P fasteners.

Clamex P profile groove in the surfaces.

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