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Wood plays an important role at ATEMAG.

First of all, it is the location of our aggregate manufacture - the beautiful Black Forest - we basically don't get past wood, we have the forest at our door step.

80% of the aggregates that leave our manufactury are used in the woodworking industry. Furniture, doors, stairs, windows and many other products made of wood are produced with ATEMAG aggregates on CNC machines. Also for this reason we feel connected with the raw material wood.

The shortage of raw materials, caused by climate change, the great demand for German wood, pests that attack the trees, make life difficult for the industry. Therefore, we have decided to make a small contribution to the climate and will...

...have a tree planted for every aggregate order starting July 2021!




Alexander Stähle, an ATEMAG employee and also a forester, explains the problems in German forests.

Global warming favors pests and puts trees at a severe disadvantage, necessitating the felling of trees and causing desertification. This in turn makes it more difficult for water to be stored in the forests, and new growth is stalled. In Germany, for example, many ash trees have fungal infestations, leading to ash shoot dieback. In the case of short-term infestation, the wood can still be processed, but over time the wood becomes unusable for wood processing, from the root to the tree crown.

ATEMAG has therefore decided to launch an ATEMAG TREE PROJECT. We will replant an approx. 1 hectare large and heavily damaged forest area in the neighboring Mühlenbacher Pfaus with Douglas firs next spring.

Support the project and become a tree sponsor!



Abgestorbene Bäume im Schwarzwald

Only a few years ago, it was not possible to see through this piece of forest (picture on the left). Few rays of sunlight broke through the then still healthy forest.
Today it is no problem to see the sky between the withered and scrawny tree trunks. Only a few trees still bear foliage or needles and even among these trees the tree pests are well advanced - deforestation is inevitable.

In order to consolidate our idea of sustainability and to allow the
ONE AGGREGAT - ONE TREE - PROJECT to take shape, Alexander Stähle will cut down a heavily damaged piece of forest (about one hectare) this fall in order to replant it next spring.

With your help, we will give the Black Forest back a piece of its name!



ATEMAG will finance one Douglas fir plant per sold aggregate. This tree type is particularly well suited to current climatic conditions and can withstand prolonged periods of dryness.

One aggregate - One tree - CHALLENGE US - we keep our word!

Of course, we will report on the progress of the deforestation and the replanting.



Aufforstung durch Douglasie im Schwarzwald