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ATEMAG was allowed to supply vertical multi-spindle drilling units for the economic insertion of holes for use at a renowned swedish furniture manufacturer.

ATEMAG receives sponsorship award within the framework of the AI Innovation Competition - Artificial Intelligence! The focus is on the further development of the already established Control 4.0 data acquisition chip.

According to the motto "Honour to whom honour is due", Sebastian Herkert and Maximilian Schmidt surprise the ATEMAG staff with the WALL OF FAME, which from now on will decorate our entrance area!

Aggregate heads for the machining of wood, plastics, composites, steel and aluminium.
Competence in consulting, production and service.

ATEMAG stands for:

  • Innovative engineering
  • Unmatched performance and value
  • Excellence in quality

Who are the people who created the ATEMAG aggregate heads? We are engineers with the know-how that only comes from many years experience in research and development of aggregates for CNC machines. Turn to ATEMAG for aggregate head consulting, products, and service. We take great pride in our knowledge of aggregate products and their applications. If you want to know how to choose and use aggregates, we are here to help!

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Founded in autumn 2004, ATEMAG products are an integral part of the wood processing industry. The company develops, produces and distributes high-performance aggregates for chipping of wood, composite materials, aluminum and plastic on CNC machining centers.

ATEMAG aggregates are not produced by assembly line. Each aggregate is hand assembled by one mechanic who take notes at every single step. The aggregates are individual items with serial number; each customized for a specific application.

Continuous development means that even standard units, which have been in the program for years, are always technically up-to-date. This includes high process reliability (e.g. In oil bath lubrication techniques).

For ATEMAG the most important target is to offer the customer the aggregate, which is matching perfectly for each application. That’s the reason why ATEMAG understands itself not only as a manufacturer, also as a partner to customers.

Over 80 different types of aggregates (MONO, DUO, EXTRA, VERTI, etc.)

Aggregates available with more than 40 different machine connections (HSK 40E, HSK 63F, HSK 100A, HSK 160A, SK30, BT30, etc.) for over 70 different machines

Aggregates exported in more than 70 different countries

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