Soft Touch Pro

Floating aggregate with surface copying function
Treatment of Plastic, Composites and Aluminum

Technical Data

Drilling 3000 - 9000 (RPM)
Milling max. 12.000 (RPM)
Internal coolant supply  
Sealed version  
Working direction vertical
Number of tooloutputs   1
gear ratio   1:1
lubrication: grease  
Legend:   very suitable   partly suitable


Product Information

Soft Touch Pro


  1. Protected against dust due special seals
  2. Internal medium supply
  3. Almost play-free torque transfer
  4. Adjustment precision 0,01mm with lock
  5. Floating capacity 10 mm
  6. Fast floating element change with bayonet catch
  7. Fast tool change with adapter system
  8. Very good rigidity with roller guiding system

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