New products from ATEMAG

This year’s Ligna had its focus on the lightweight board technology and whoever engages with this technology, should take a look at the new dowel-setting aggregate. In addition, there were more interesting innovations presented, which increase performance and user-friendliness of the aggregates and contribute to the improvement of air- and surface quality.

CNC Aggregate for setting and gluing of dowels

Newly developed aggregate, which automatizes the process of insertion and gluing of fastening elements in lightweight boards.

DUO SPRINT Function Line

Newly developed high-performance aggregate with two horizontal outlets, which allows a working speed of 36.000 U/min also with horizontal tool outlets.

EXTRA PLUS Function Line

Enhancement of the already powerful lock recess milling aggregate EXTRA, completed by highperformance mechanics.

VARIO VISO Function Line

Newly developed pivoting aggregate with a simplified manual adjustment of the set angle via wheel and digital display.

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