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Aggregate News at the HOLZ HANDWERK fair

Current aggregate technology handmade in Germany

Atemag's aggregate specialists develop and produce high­performance aggregates for machining wood, composite, aluminium, steel and plastic
on CNC machining centres and robots. The company will present aggregate technology for modern production at Holz-Handwerk,
on stand 101 in hall 10. The company will be presenting a variety of standard aggregates, as well as especially manufactured aggregates, equipped with its Atemag Control 4.0 chip and options, to show the modularity of its aggregates.

Atemag units are used in CNC machines and machining centres. When using the individually and hand-made aggregates, a wide range of materials can be processed at different angles and on several axes. Depending on the machining requirements of the applications, standard units or specially manufactured units are used.

Fast set-up times, short downtimes and high machine operating times are important user requirements for CNC machines and thus also for the aggregate technology used. The modular aggregate system from Atemag plays a key role here. Due to modular machine interfaces and torque arms, the Atemag angle aggregates can be used on all common machines. In addition, the modular tool holders can take a wide variety of tools, which maximises the machining options in the machining centre.

lndustry 4.0 within the aggregate
For the CNC machining centre to reach ideal and maximum performance in conjunction with the aggregate used, it is necessary to use all improvement potentials of the aggregate. This is easily realised with the use of the Atemag Control 4.0 chip, which is mounted directly on the aggregate. The high-tech sensors of the data chip collect the process data of the unit and transmit them to the user in real time. The machine operator thus has access to current data such as speed, operating hours, temperature, and vibrations of the unit.
The Control 4.0 chip permanently communicates with the unit and records load fluctuations which are constantly and in real time transmitted to the user via a data stick using Bluetooth and WLAN. Based on this data, the user can recognise critical parameters in time and adjust the unit, the tools and the CNC machine. The performance of the aggregate is thus maximised, the lifetime of the aggregate is increased, and the production processes are optimised.
The implemented infrastructure of the Atemag Control 4.0 technology enables worldwide monitoring at customer request and makes it possible to determine the status of the aggregate via analysis test runs. Based on this, a qualifled decision can be made as to whether, for example, maintenance is recommended. Atemag - Hall 10.0, stand 101 H

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