ATEMAG for the highest quality aggregates

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ATEMAG for the highest quality aggregates

ATEMAG, the Aggregate Technology and Manufacture AG, manufactures aggregates of  the highest quality for many applications in a wide range of industries.
An angular aggregate, or angle head, supports the functionality of a CNC machine and acts as an extended arm of the motor spindle. Aggregates extend the machine-side
capabilities of 3,4 and 5 axis machines.

The standardised high-performance aggregates from ATEMAG are used for drilling, milling, sawing, planing and grinding in CNC machining centres and on robots. Industry 4.0 ready, with AC 4.0 technology, the unit can transmit process data to the user in real time. By working as a manufacturer, ATEMAG can meet the requirements of each individual customer and always satisfy the highest quality demands. In the case of special requirements, the specialised design team develops individual solutions, which are created in the closest cooperation and exchange with the customer and are manufactured in Höfen in the Black Forest after the customer’s approval.

ATEMAG’s high-performance power units are developed and produced for various industries and distributed worldwide directly and with many partners. For example, it is impossible to imagine the wood processing industry without ATEMAG’s product solutions and they are used for production and manufacturing in all areas of the wood industry. The automotive, aviation and rail transport industries also use ATEMAG precision units. Due to constant further development, all standard units always remain technically up-to-date and always guarantee the highest process reliability.

Founded in 2004, ATEMAG, a precision supplier based in Hofstetten in the Black Forest, has built up and consolidated a very good reputation in the wood, composite materials, aluminium and plastics markets on CNC machining centres. For the entire ATEMAG team, the most important goal is to offer each customer the right unit that is optimally adapted to their application and the associated requirements. For this reason, customers become regular customers and partners, because ATEMAG sees itself not only as a manufacturer.

The partnership-based approach is also reflected in the above-average range of services offered. The service portfolio offers a broad spectrum that guarantees customer wishes
such as price transparency, speed, quality and reliability at all times. Aggregate repair and service is offered for all CNC aggregates on the market, no matter the brand.


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