ATEMAG - Maintenance

Aggregate maintenance - exchange of wear parts

Wearing parts are components of every aggregate and have to be replaced sooner or later.

Wearing parts of ATEMAG units include, for example, bearing parts and gear parts as well as, depending on the type of unit, spare parts such as toothed belts, seals and spacers.

Regular maintenance of the aggregates and timely replacement of wear parts will prevent cost-intensive repairs and time-consuming downtimes. Therefore, plan the maintenance of your aggregate ahead of time.

Our aggregate specialists recommend maintenance intervals of approx. 1,000 working hours with the aggregate. So that you don't lose sight of the operating time, the use of the ATEMAG Control 4.0 is advantageous. The ATEMAG Control 4.0 chip records the production times and sends push messages when the operating time of 1000 hours is reached and maintenance is recommended by ATEMAG.

We will be happy to reserve time for your aggregate, if you prefere a specific time frame, i.e. when your company ist closed for some holidays.


We will gladly send you a non-binding maintenance quotation!

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