Lamello Clamex Milling

Lamello Clamex Fräsung with the angle head DUO FUNCTION LINE


Technical Data


Drilling 3.000 - 9.000 min-1
Clamex fräsen mit WinkelaggregatMilling bis zu 18.000 min-1

Mill the Clamex groove
- presize and automated -
with a standard aggregate from ATEMAG

Milling large quantities of Clamex connector pockets for industrial production is time-saving and cost-reducing with a CNC aggregate from ATEMAG - with the integration of the CNC aggregate in your machining center, the milling of connector pockets for Clamex is simplified many times.

In this process, the groove milling tool of the aggregate is inserted into the machining surface and laterally shifted at the exact depth. The groove for the Lamello Clamex P connectors can be automatically manufactured with various aggregates from ATEMAG, whether vertically in the surface, at the edge of the workpiece or at a specific angle. Depending on the available space in the machining center, the axis of the machine and the angle of the milling, we will be happy to offer you the appropriate aggregate that you can use optimally for milling the Lamello P-System groove.

Product informationen

Maschinelle Clamex Nut

The solution for Clamex nut

Benefit from the DUO FUNCTION LINE for Clamex milling:

  • Automated Clamex connector groove milling on all common CNC machining centers and robot systems
  • Increased fl exibility and effi ciency of the CNC machining center (also 5-axis technology)
  • Vertical milling in the surface for Lamello P systems


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